Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Snaps from the 2017 Sydney Quilt Show

The Sydney Quilt Show is special for me, in fact I would say it's the highlight of my year. It was the first quilt show I ever attended and where I bought my first fabrics, rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat. Over the years it's been the meeting place of some of my very, very favourite people and a place I can be friends with people I don't even know. It was the event that changed my life when I won Best in Show last year. This year was just as fun,  a wonderful whirlwind of colour, friends and quilts.

Set up day was on the Wednesday. As you can see there was a sea of volunteers and thanks to QuiltNSW being so organised everything moved really efficiently and smoothly.

On Thursday was opening day. This year the show was held in a new venue and they still have to get the lighting right. It was really quite dark so the photos might seem a bit shadowy at times. 

As you entered the Quilt Show you were greeted by this stand of hoops. Each hoop represents different techniques made by members of QuiltNSW 

It was fun seeing them gently spin and reveal different designs. 

I enjoyed picking out who had made the different hoops.

This hoop was made by my friend Michelle of Button Tree Lane ( IG @michellethequilter). It's a mini version of the quilt that won a blue ribbon in the Modern Category a few years ago.

That's one of mine floating next to it.  

Of course my other hoop featured yoyos!! 

The awards ceremony was extra exciting for me when Zap Zing Zowie won second place in the Other Techniques (Professional) category. A huge honour!!!  Thank you to the sponsors SSSPty Ltd for an amazing Treasure Chest Teak box of colourful Madeira Threads, and Matilda's Own at Victorian Textiles for the prize of batting, a perfect prize for a quilter!

My name was called out a second time for the special award of Creative Use of Colour. You know I love colour so I was over the moon and jumping up and down with happiness to win this ribbon. And extra excited because the generous prize was sponsored by Material Obsession and you know I love shopping there!! Thank you Material Obsession!! 

The ribbons looked right at home on the quilt, perfect colour match.

Here's Zap Zing Zowie hanging at the show. ( I took this on set up day so it didn't have the proper tags on it yet). I haven't brightened this photo, it really was this zingy in the light at the show.  It looks great against the black background.

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful compliments about Zap Zing Zowie. To be honest I really wasn't sure how this quilt would be received at the quilt show so the positive feedback meant a lot to me. One comment that I'm still laughing about was by my friend Skye who said she thought it looked as though it should dispense candy. Maybe I should take that as a challenge for a future quilt. 

To give you a sense of scale of the works here is a photo of some of the QuiltNSW ambassadors. They were the smiling faces that welcomed visitors to the show and assisted with white gloving. 

I hope you don't get tired of seeing Whizz Bang!, but it's nice for me to have a record of how it looked at the show as part of it's travels as part of the Bernina Best in Australia exhibit. I spent a few hours with it each day and really enjoyed meeting lots of people and answering their questions. 

Here's my modern yoyo quilt hanging on its stand looking all bright and chirpy. 

We were very lucky this year that QuiltNSW allowed us to take photos to share on social media, with the proviso that the quilter and designer of the quilt were credited. That means I have lots of beautiful quilts to share. They aren't in any order, I've picked all different styles. I really believe each quilt has it's own magic.

I apologise that some of my photos aren't perfect, the show was quite busy so I was trying not to bump into other viewers.

The first quilt get my award for best quilt name - Lucy Goes to the Circus
Michelle Law sums her quilt up perfectly in her description
' "The Patchwork of the Crosses" quilt by Lucy Boston has been re-imagined by Carol Roberts. I like to turn traditional blocks on their head by using bright colours and bold fabrics. The Lucy Boston in my quilt is wild and carefree and always laughing.'

Michelle Law - IG @michellethequilter , blog Buttontree Lane
Design Source: Lucy in a Hurry by Carol Roberts of Cherry Pie Designs.

Skye Thompson's Kung Fu Panda goes to show you don't need colour to create a dynamic eye catching quilt.
" Uncharacteristically limited myself to just two colours in this improv Log Cabin style quilt. My son Tyler named it and it is my husband's favourite quilt I have made so far.'

Skye Thompson IG: @skyzyt
Design Source: Pastel Party by Karen Lewis

Another quilt with fabulous kinetic movement - Sharon Nicholls-Thompson's - Garden View: Through The Screen 
Sharon says" Here I play with a quilt element - sashing. Common in quilt construction but now, it's not where you expect it. Each block is improvisationally 'sashed' internally but not between the blocks. Making a screen. Glimpsed beyond is the wild green garden".

You can find Sharon on IG @marmalade_hill , or at her quilt shop in Berry, NSW , Berry Quilt & Co.

Di Jobbins wonderful Levitation Fascination is such an amazing illusion. You can see why it won a Viewers Choice award.
 " Furthering my fascination for fondling favourite fabrics, folding, fusing and fashioning faux formations, floating free as a feather in the firmament. Fantastic Fun!".
Di Jobbins,  IG @darlingdi,  Blog:

Marissa Rennie's I Spy was a joy to behold.
"Modern twist on Chuck Nohara Designs using my favoured brights and bolds. Taught by Lorena Uriate. Taught to look in to depth of a design and how to decide on which techniques to apply: applique, English paper piecing and foundation piecing. "
Design source: 2001 Norveaux Blocs de Patchwork by ChuckNohara, worked in 5 inch blocks.

You can see why it won 1st place in its category. 
I'm kicking myself for not getting photos of another version of this quilt. I'll keep an eye out and if I can get a photo I'll share it. 

Helena Fooij's Gelato Rose, "Sorbet" really did look sweet enough to eat.

"This is the sample quilt I made of Sue Cody's "Gelato Rose" quilt pattern for the Material Obsession Block of the Month 2016/2017. I had a lot of fun playing with the fabrics. Challenging that it is a quilt-as-you-go, but by hand. "

Such exquisite applique and beautiful colours. You can find Helena on instagram @helenafooij

It was so great to see Catherine Porters Tumbling into Insanity hanging in the show. I'd seen it being pieced at various stages. All those tiny pieces, it really seemed like one of those quilts that would take forever to finish.

"I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it! Over 3,000 fussy cut 1inch tumblers. Hand sewn English paper pieced. I don't do random - every piece has been specifically selected. Discovered I enjoy hand quilting, even with all the seams. "

Yay Catherine - it's awesome!! IG: @quilt.fanatic

I absolutely loved Cinzia White's quilt, Scott The Dog,  made with felted wool jumpers.

"Scott the Dog" is made from felted woollen jumpers and suits... all from Vinnies' rejects. A simple idea that just grew. The original plan was for a plain Wagga but when finished it needed something and as each shape was added more seemed to be needed."

Cinzia is a master of different styles - check out her patterns here .

Wendy Nutt's Summer Rain has a beautiful description
" The sound and smell of summer rain anchors me to the hot dusty summers of my youth. During the wild summer storms rain would hit the windows and run down in tiny trickles. It's this vision that i have used as a basis for the design of this quilt. "
Wendy Nutt : IG quiltamour, blog Quiltamour

I was captivated by Kathy Thorncraft quilt from the moment I saw it when helping hang the quilts.
"This quilt uses Kona Hightlight(Kona colour of the year 2016) combined with different black, grey and white fabrics that have a hand drawn sketch look. I set myself the challenge of using narrow strips and drew inspiration from all things Hi-Vis!"
Kathy Throncraft IG @iIamacraftycat

Ginevra Martins CU quilt was one of my favourites from the Australian Modern Quilt Show last year. It was great to see hanging again. 
"We see so many computer generated images. Computers can analyse an image down to the last pixel, duplicate it, repeat it. Do we no longer value the visual interest created by slight imperfections, the signs that art is made by a person?"

Gernervra Martins IG: @Ginevramakes

This was another that stopped my friend and I in our tracks when we were hanging the quilts. It's hard to tell from the photo how wonderfully the blocks echoed the border fabric and how perfectly the design worked to show of the fabrics. Such a great memory quilt.
Glenda Wise explains about her Designs from the Mimbres quilt
"Blocks printed from painted pottery bowls of the Mimbres people of New Mexico. They were created between 1000 and 1150 AD. These people vanished around 1300AD leaving ruined villages and pottery bowls. Memories of our travels in the area. "

The next two quilts are by Carolynne Gordon. IG: @carolynnego
I love the painted look of these pieces,

" "Encroachment" explores the invasion of forces, whether it's suffocation of the natural world, or human spirit through political oppression. I've manipulated fabric and thread scraps, and hevily matchstick quilted over a layer of netting. "

"Ombre is an abstract exploration of colour, I have flipped some sections, so the underside is the top. It has been a slow-grow. A lot of experimenting, pulling apart, putting together again, a few times over, Finally, it's settled into place. "

How fun is this little cushion cover by Bernice Krige. It makes me wish I was a little pixie so I can dance around on the mushrooms.

Forest Wonders
"A 40 year old piece of French linen, my daughters love of purple and the magical world of mushrooms inspired my "Forest Wonders" cushion cover. "

Talking of being a pixie dancing on mushrooms, here I am dancing on a thimble... 

I'll leave it there for today but I've got more quilts to share so stay tuned for the next exciting instalment of the 2017 Sydney Quilt Show. To see all the winners go to the Quilt NSW website here.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

My 2017 Sydney Show Quilts

Spoiler Alert: If you are attending The Sydney Quilt Show and would rather wait to see my quilts in real life then save this post for another day. 

I had a great day helping set up the Sydney Quilt Show. It's always wonderful to see everyone pitching in and getting the job done with a smile. The exhibition hall is now full of beautiful quilts and exhibits. 

Usually I like to wait until after the show before showing my quilts because I think seeing photos spoils the surprise, or impact of the quilts for those visiting the show. However this year QuiltNSW is allowing people to share photos on social media as long as the maker/s and designer of the quilt are properly acknowledged. So I thought I'd jump in and show my quilts sooner than later. 

I actually have quite a few quilts and things hanging in different parts of the show so if anyone wants to see all my quilts here's a list of what to look out for and where you can find them. 

For some reason I can't download the photos I took at the show yesterday so these are photos from my archives. I'll share proper photos of the quilts in situ in a future post. 

First up is my Drop of Golden Sun Quilt which is hanging as part of the QuiltNSW Suitcase challenge exhibition.These are all 40cm x 40cm quilts made with the theme Re-cycled, Re-purposed, Re-loved. It's wonderful to see all the different interpretations and especially to see materials re-purposed in creative ways.

QuiltNSW have a wonderful hoop display showcasing different patchwork and quilting techniques. I have two hoops hanging, First up is my Yoyo Bloom.

and my other had to showcase the folded point blocks I love making so much.

On the Bernina stand you'll see my Bernina SuzyQ Flower Girl hanging amongst all the wonderful other Suzy Q panels quilted by quilters around Australia. 
You can stitch your own using the big Q20 machines in their special workshops. Book in at the Bernina stand but book in early, the workshops fill up quickly. 

If you visit the Material Obsession stand you may catch a glimpse of Merry Whizz, though the stand will be an eye dazzling wonderland of amazing quilts, projects and fabrics and you'll be captivating by everything you see there.

My dear friend, Whizz Bang! will be hanging in the Bernina Best Of Australia exhibit. I got to help hang it yesterday, it's always lovely to see a quilt again after time apart. Just a reminder I'll be there between 11-1pm on Saturday and Sunday if you'd like to come and say hello.

As for my Sydney Show Quilt Entries.

Yoyos a la mode, an oldie but one of my favourites. It's on the cover of this years Quilters Companion Diary so I thought it would be fun for all the people who have the diary to be able to see the quilt in real life. 

My other entry is very special to me. I made Zap Zing Zowie for the Textiles Out Of Context art exhibition held in March.  It takes the folded point techniques I've been exploring to a whole different level. I loved every minute of making this quilt. You know how some projects are a joy to work on. I'll chat more about this quilt in the future.

It's interesting that both my entries this year are in solid fabrics. I don't think of myself as someone who works a lot with solids, usually I love using pattern on pattern, but there you go, it goes to show I even surprise myself.  

Well - That's the Rachaeldaisy trail at the Sydney Quilt Show. Talking of which it's time for me to get ready to head to the show. I'll be on the train as the sun is rising. Beautiful views through the trees,  mountain scenes and then down into the vibrant bustling city of Sydney. Another fun and fabulous day awaits...

Just a friendly reminder about sharing photos for those going to the show.
If you share any of my photos here are my tags 
instagram @bluemountaindaisy
Blog :
My Facebook: page is RachaeldaisyBlueMountainDaisy 
( though I don't really use facebook,  it's just confuses me, I don't know why, it just does.) 

Monday, June 19, 2017

A colourful Gypsy Carnival day!

On Saturday morning I packed my suitcase of magic tricks and headed down the highway to spend the day with the Illawarra Quilters. 

The quilt we were making was Gypsy Carnival. A fun quilt that brings prairie points from the edge of the quilt to center stage. It's a great chance to use a favourite feature print in the big circles. 

It's been a few years since I made the original so to refresh my memory and test a couple of new techniques I did my homework before the workshop and whipped up another one. It was fun to play with a totally different colour palette. I've nicknamed this version Sugar and Spice.

Believe it or not my fabric choices began with this little bug. A lovely person had given me some of this fabric and rather than let it get lost in my fabric collection I decided to use it straight away. 

All the other fabrics came from my stash.  I didn't have enough yardage of some so I used a mixture but it's a good example of the way fabrics can be substituted for others.

Back to our fun Saturday.  The drive from the mountains to Wollongong is about an hour and a half. I left nice and early in the morning when everyone was still sleeping so the roads were relatively quiet. You can imagine me whizzing along in my little red Daisymobile, singing along to the music and enjoying the scenery as it flew by. I find driving great creative time too, I often think of new quilts I want to make. As I arrived in Wollongong the sun came out from behind the clouds and added to the magic of the trip. A lovely sunny welcome.

The welcome continued as I walked into the hall where the ladies were buzzing around setting up tables and machines, power cords and irons. We hung up my quilts and other samples, set up bits and pieces and then we we're off and running with demonstrations, tips and tricks about the different ways I do things. 

The Illawarra ladies are a bit shy about have their photos taken for privacy reasons, for the same reason I wont mention names, but we do get to see all their beautiful blocks!
One of the great thing about classes is seeing all the different fabric combinations, how different colours can change the look of a quilt and express the makers personality.

Having said that the person who made this fun block is not a cat lover but she knows it's being made for someone who does. It's such a fun fabric. 

That center circle of this glowing fabric was from a panel. The print was a bit small and we didn't want to cut into the neighbouring prints on the panel so we cut the circles out and placed them on a larger circle. I like the modern look it has this way. There are always ways of making different fabrics work in a pattern.

The next block had the opposite dilemma. The design on this fabric was larger that the Gypsy Carnival circle. We measured it up and made a circle to fit. It was so worth making the most of the beautiful design. It reminds me of a kaleidoscope, or a painted cathedral ceiling. 

The Jane Sassaman fabrics are perfect for this quilt, so beautiful set against a sky blue background. 

Here is the same fabric but different coloured points and background. I love that one patterned point to add interest for those who take the time to look.

More Jane Sassaman fabric. Don't these blocks look great with their sashing. The grey check background is just the right fabric to make those colours pop.

We had a Frida in the class! Isn't she gorgeous!

And not just one great background fabric but 2! Double Wow!!

I'm in love with these beautiful summery colours, featuring Birds of A Feather fabric by Kathy Doughty

More pretty birds flying in a flock. I love how the 3 white background triangles stand out. When this block is in the quilt they'll add a wonderful "spin" to the overall look. 

These blocks featured fabrics bought on a trip to New Zealand. What a lovely way to remember a special holiday.
It's so perfect the way the background fabric looked like wood grain, especially as the fabrics had a botanical theme.

There was a block I didn't get a photo of that is going to be the base for a beautiful sashiko design! That is going to be a treat to see when it's done!!

This bright and happy setting is on its way to becoming the most wonderful big European size cushion(pillow). It makes me want to make a big cushion too!

The clever maker of this also brought in her top from the last workshop I did with the Illawarra Quilters a few weeks ago. Take a look at this!!

I love it when someone takes a technique I've taught and get's creative with it. Setting the petals like flowers and adding bright borders is so wonderful! and the yoyo flowers with felt, all that happy colour. I just love this to bits!! 

Another piece of show and tell from the Ric Rac Razzamazz workshop was this photo that made my day when I received it by email. I love the placement of colours and the layout. The yoyos haven't been added yet but you can imagine they'll add another layer of sparkle to the quilt. 

I love seeing all the pretty pincushions people bring to class. I thought this little elephant was particularly cute.

The same lovely quilter also made this mug holder. beautiful ribbon embroidery and fancy stitches. It was like a little garden, Soo pretty. 

So that's all I have for photos of my Gypsy Carnival workshop. It was just right for one day. Everyone made at least 2 blocks and worked on their sashing too. They'll make a spectacular show and tell when they're finished. 

Thank you one again Illawarra Quilters for the most wonderful day. It's always a pleasure to spend time with you!! I look forward to the next workshop playing with Chunky Bloom blocks!!


Exciting News Flash!!

For those of you on the south side of Sydney I have exciting news!!  I'll be teaching at My Sewing Supplies, Kirrawee in 2018!!! We can make Whizz Bang! blocks and turn them into a quilt, have fun with yoyos traditional or modern, you can bring along a project you want some Rachaeldaisy creative help with. It's next year so it gives me a chance to finish a few things I'm working on too. You know me, I always have a few things up my sleeve. Call the shop if you are interested to secure your spot in the class. Ph. (02) 9542 3513 . You can visit their website here - My Sewing Supplies.

Always one last photo - Here's a snap from where I sit at my computer... this is the wall behind my desk. Now you know what I look at when I'm writing my blog posts and I stop to think of a word or if I drift off thinking about things.

My next post will be about the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair! Fun times ahead, Yay!! I'll be there on Wednesday to help set up and hang quilts. Following that I'll be there for the show on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. If you want to find me I'll be near my WhizzBang! quilt in the Bernina Best of Australia exhibit between 11am and 1pm on Saturday and Sunday. Other times you'll see me wandering around admiring all the beautiful quilts. If you see me come and say hello. :)


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